Dizzy Wright and Demrick aren't letting the women in their lives prevent them from kicking back and having themselves a good time. That much is clear in their new visual for "Got It Good," a single of their recently released joint mixtape, Blaze With Us. You can peep the new vid for yourself up top.

The video sees Dizzy and Demrick smoking as they try to cool out, and it's every bit as laid-back as the song it was created for. You also see them interacting with their lady friends, who, as the songs seems to indicate, don't know how good they've got it. First up is Dizzy, whose relaxed flow meshes perfectly with the distinctly West Coast-inspired beat. His girl complains from time to time, but in the video, Dizzy honestly doesn't look all that annoyed.

Next up is Demrick, who lets his girl know that as bad as she is, she isn't exactly indispensable. "Oh she got it good, baby got it great/But if I gotta get some money then she gotta wait," Demrick raps in a dismissive first two bars. "She said don't let her be the one I had that got away/But anything can be replaced baby God is great."

Dizzy finishes off the track with similar dismissiveness, and the end of the video sees the rappers doing what it sounds like they've wanted to do the entire song: kick back and smoke a blunt. Overall, it's a pretty entertaining video for a song that feels like it was made for the summer.

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