Blac Youngsta delivers a new music video for "Tissue," a track from the Memphis rapper's latest project Fuck Everybody.

Throughout the three-minute clip, Youngsta dances around a vacant building toting two AK47s. In another scene, he hits up the gun range to test his aim. You can view the Yung Mik3-directed video above via YouTube.

Over the London On Da Track-produced instrumental, Youngsta flows about how much harder he is than everybody else. He raps, "You went to jail on a Sunday/The charge is really bout nothin'/Rat your homeboy's house tryna act like you ain't tell nothin'/Sad thing about the nigga/The nigga told on his mama/It was a hot ass winter/Now it's a cold ass summer/I got killers on the front line/My young niggas need a hair line/I can't even lie/That was a cold ass punch line/My bitches settin' niggas up/They givin' me the run down/We be waitin' till the sun down/We be robbin' niggas sometimes."

Fuck Everybody consists of 15 tracks with guest features from artists including Young Thug, Quavo, YFN Lucci and Jacquees. In case you missed it, check out Youngsta's recent interview with VladTV. The up-and-coming artist talks about his time selling dope, saying, “I used to serve niggas fake bricks, I ain’t going to lie. And I started getting deeper into that s***, so the worst thing I probably been through was selling a nigga two or three bricks, making 90, getting $90,000 or something out of a nigga real fast back then, because it was just a little bit cheaper."

He continues, "So boom, I’m getting 90, three of them motherfuckers. And nigga getting ready to go and find out it’s fake and be coming here ready to kill me. I used to have a lot of shootouts and shit, because I was selling niggas bullshit dope. I didn’t care.”

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