Ace Hood delivers the music video for his Starvation 5 track, "Cold Shivers." The visual serves as a dope complement to the heartfelt record.

Throughout the four-and-a-half minute clip, Ace raps about the trials and tribulations in his life, and how these stressors cause him to wake up in "cold shivers." The dark and gloomy video features Ace alone in his bedroom, staring out the window, looking at the mirror, staring blankly at a television screen and washing his bloody hands in the sink. At certain points, the video cuts to certain moments in his life that trigger the most stress and unrest. You can watch the video above via YouTube.

"Cold Shivers" is track number 14 on Starvation 5. On verse one, Ace spits over a The Lottery-produced beat, "Reminiscing, sipping missing all my dead homies/Mama tell me to keep my faith/I keep my 9 on me/Paying lawyers fighting cases on a daily basis/Baby mama out here fucking up my reputation/Hate that my kids are distant/Trying to be optimistic/Every since they murdered my homie I been so unforgiven/Shots through the nights are ringing/Cops and the lights are beaming/Mom on the corner screaming and she just can't believe it/Screaming 'why did they have to take her son?'"

Scott Glaysher of XXL wrote a Starvation 5 review in July. He closed his piece by typing, "For Ace, success in hip-hop is more of a steady marathon than a quick sprint. If his past couple years have shown us anything, it’s that one hit doesn’t guarantee him lifelong triumph. In order for Ace to really attain the 'greatness' he so often mentions, then tightly produced, cohesive mixtapes like this will have to translate over to the mainstream or else he might quickly become known simply as the guy who just made that song about waking up in a Bugatti."

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