"Everybody gon' say something/I'd be worried if they said nothing." Singer David Crosby appears on Watch What Happens Live and essentially says Kanye West has little musical talent.

Crosby says, 'Ye can "neither write, nor sing, nor play." The host, Andy Cohen follows up and asks, "Do you think he cannot write?" Crosby replies, "That one is iffy. He certainly can't play anything, and he certainly doesn't sing. I mean, the thing that really bugs me is the ‘I’m the world’s greatest rock star!’ Someone should drive him over to Stevie Wonder’s house, right now, so he can see what a real [rockstar] is.” Then, Crosby tells Kanye he should listen to Ray Charles' discography so he can "learn how to sing."

Crosby comes across as old and out-of-touch in the brief clip. Obviously, he doesn't know how much hard work it takes to produce a hip-hop track, or the skill required to come up with interesting and catchy lyrics - all things that 'Ye has mastered throughout his illustrious career. There's no doubt that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are legendary musicians in their own right, but we're living in a new era, and Kanye West is on top. You can watch the clip above via YouTube.

That said, there's no denying that West's personality has changed since the start of his career. His outbursts and rants have become more and more pronounced, and there are rumors that even Jay Z is sick and tired of the new 'Ye. Ego aside, one can't gloss over Kanye's insane musical output and work ethic.

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