Montana of 300 delivers the music video for "Wifin You," a standout track from his recent album Fire in the Church. Throughout the Jake Owens-directed visual, the Chicago rapper chills with his girl in the kitchen and by the pool before they make their way to the bedroom.

Throughout the four-minute clip, Montana sings to one woman in particular about his intentions to wife her up. While she chefs up eggs and serves him orange juice in the kitchen, the independent artist expresses all the reasons why she's the one for him. You can check out the video in its entirety above.

"Wifin You" is a different type of song for Montana. He's usually known for delivering furious bars with top-notch metaphors and wordplay. XXL spoke with him a few months ago, and he explained his creative process going into his records. Montana says, "I surprise myself, bro. Honestly. I’ll hear a beat and I’ll be like, Man, I don’t know what the hell I’ma say on here. But when I sit down and start digging in my brain, I just come up with some cold ass shit. I go crazy on certain shit. And I don’t dig like that on every song. When I do my remixes, those are made to crush every other remix."

He continues, "You’ve got to think out of the box, as opposed to some of my original songs where I have a certain concept that I’m trying to paint the picture for. And because I have to touch on that fact, I’m more in a box. I’ll still use metaphors here and there, but every line might not be a metaphor, because some of it’s a message. You have some fans who want to hear metaphor after metaphor after metaphor because nobody can really do that. It’s kind of what makes it amazing."

In case you missed it, you can cop Fire in the Church via iTunes for $14.99. As aforementioned, you can watch the "Wifin You" video above via YouTube.

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