Joey Purp might have the new frontrunner for most unique performance of the year. The Chicago rapper accomplished this during an appearance on Pitchfork TV. Purp performed a remixed version of his song "Say You Do" in a ball pit, which you can view in the above video.

This "Say You Do" remix is much more subdued as opposed to the frenetic energy of the original, which appears on Purp's iiiDrops project. Franco Davis, Knox Fortune and Carter Lang came together to create the new production. Purp's rhymes largely remain the same, although there are a few tweaks.

"You with yours, I'm with mine/What's your name and your sign/And we know we both creeping/But we know we don't mind/Tryna say something, get you in the mood/Fat ass, tryna see what that do/You don't move how you say you move/Out of town but you full of that juice," he raps.

Purp's unconventional performance shows how confident the Windy City rapper has become. Purp spoke about his confidence in a recent conversation with XXL.

"I’m so comfortable in the scene and I’m so comfortable with me right now," he said. "I just hit like a little stride as far as I’m comfortable with the project and I’m comfortable with the stuff I want to talk about, with the way I want to rap and the beats I choose. I think that’s the best thing to set anybody apart, finding out what it is so far."

Make sure to check out the entire interview for more details about Purp's come up.

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