50 Cent’s mouth may have gotten him in big trouble this time around. After working with video vixen Sally Ferreira for a recent video, 50 has been slapped with a defamation suit, according to TMZ.

Ferreira claims that 50 wrongly accused her of saying that the two were dating and that she was leaking behind the scenes photos from his music video shoot. 50, who has a whopping 9 million followers on Instagram and Twitter combined, placed the nail in the coffin for Ferreira’s modeling career by writing, "WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty video bitch."

The video model also claims that she has been openly engaged with her fiancé for over 9 years and insists that she didn’t leak any photos from the video shoot. She further elaborated on how 50’s cyber bullying is the reason for her plummeting modeling career and the current backlash she's been receiving from the public. For everything she has been through, she’s seeking millions in damages, especially since she feels 50 has a history of belittling women.-Carl Lamarre

[via TMZ]