Verbal Kent of Ugly Heroes is 100 percent hip-hop. You can tell by the onslaught of bars in “Sammy Sosa,” where he’s effortlessly weaving together sentences about not having opponents and lowkey dissing mainstream rappers. The underground sensation is on a mission to prove it’s always about raw ability behind the mic. Clearly, the Chicago MC has done this before.

In the video, which looks to be shot on green screen, Verbal Kent and director Chip Beasley traveled the world to bring you the essence of the culture. With their passion fueling the concept, they believed this minimalist direction would be considered the greatest rap video of all time. “You don't always have to give so many fux to have a good time,” he says.

Verbal Kent’s solo LP, Sound Of The Weapon, is produced entirely by Khyris. It’ll be released on Feb. 18 through Mello Music Group.