Miami Jackson High School has made headlines for hiring Lakatriona Brunson as the first female football head coach in the state of Florida.Perhaps overshadowing that news, though, is another Miami Jackson hire, that of 2 Live Crew frontman Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell as defensive coordinator, the Miami Herald reports.

While Campbell had been rumored to be considered for the head coaching position, his lack of a teacher's certification ultimately disqualified him. Previous to the Miami Jackson hire, Campbell had served as a defensive coordinator at Miami Central, Miami Northwestern and most recently at Miami Norland. Brunson is otherwise known for her role on the truTV series South Beach Tow and was already a physical education teacher at Jackson.

Campbell had discusses joining the team at Jackson, but wanted the school to do something special before he did, such as hiring Brunson. “At first I thought ‘this [expletive] might be crazy' because I take football real serious,” Campbell said. “But after a conversation with her, I said, ‘Naw, she knows her football. She’s on point.’ I don’t take this as a joke. I didn’t want to be a part of no circus.”

“It’s a lot of people that probably applied for this position and look who is here,” Brunson said. “I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I’m ready to fight, ready to get these guys prepared and ready to win.”

Jackson has not won a state football championship since 1952, having to compete with some of South Florida's top teams. To read the full story on the hires, visit the Miami Herald report.

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