There are no limits to what Ukranian prankster Vitalii Sediuk will do to shock celebrities. Last week Sediuk scared Kim Kardashian West when he almost knocked her to the ground outside of a Balmain show in front of her husband and mother.

The event led Kim and Kanye to beef up on security while in France for Paris Fashion Week. But even the increase in protection could not stop Sediuk from attempting to attack again.

According to Daily Mail Sediuk found him self surrounded by the couple’s newly employed security Sunday (Sept. 28) after being spotted at the Hotel Costes.

“The story that was published on TMZ about Vitalii Sediuk stalking Kim Kardashian near Hotel Costes in Paris and dealing with her security is made up and absolutely not true,” said his publicist.

TMZ reported that the duo planned to incorporate armored cars into the security detail in addition to two more teams armed bodyguards as to avoid further frightening incidents during the remainder of fashion week.

While it was reported that Sediuk pulled Kim’s hair, a source close to him claims otherwise. "Vitalii hugged Kim which caused a big crowding with the security that pulled him down to the ground," said an insider to Daily Mail. "Because of the mess, Kim may have lost her balance, But Vitalii didn't mean any harm."

After the incident Sediuk took to Instagram to explain why he carried out the prank. He stated, "The prank with Kim was my protest that US banned me from entering the country."

Earlier this month, he was stopped from entering the U.S. after accosting Brad Pitt in Los Angeles at the premier of Maleficent premiere in May.

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