Nearly a month and a half after Drake got booed off the stage at Tyler, The Creator's 2019 Camp Flag Gnaw festival, Tyler is once again opening up about the experience.

Speaking with Kerwin Frost during an interview on the set of the Kerwin Frost Talks show on Friday (Dec. 20), the 28-year-old rapper revisited his emotions surrounding the unexpected fan reaction to the Scorpion artist's Nov. 10 Camp Flog Gnaw performance, which ended after he was surprisingly booed by Tyler fans.

"Everyone thought Frank was gonna be there, but I never said he was or implied it or anything," began the Igor artist, alluding to unfounded rumors that his fan-favorite collaborator Frank Ocean would be the show's surprise guest. "Drake came out, and a couple of people were mad. Everyone's having a good time, but there were a few people in the front who were just not fucking with it."

The "Earfquake" artist went on to compare his fans' reaction to the behavior of misbehaving children.

"And then when that happened and these muthafuckas is like 'Fuck you!'... It's like a reflection on me to Aubrey," Tyler continued. "It's like coming to my house and then my kids start peeing on your leg and then you start looking at me like 'Dawg, get your fucking kids, bro!' But that's they fault that they thought what they thought."

This isn't the first time Tyler expressed his disappointment over his fan's reactions. The morning following the festival's ending, Tyler, The Creator posted several tweets to his social media account writing. "YALL REPRESENTED ME AND FLOG TO MY GUEST AND MADE US LOOK SOOO ENTITLED AND TRASH," he wrote.

Drake, who is currently still performing on the road, later responded to the debacle, joking about a 10-year residency with Flog Gnaw.

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