Tyler, The Creator is known for his hilarious impersonations, but he took it to another level recently when he did his own rendition of Desiigner's special strain of the dab dance. You can watch Tyler bust his moves above.

Tyler's done impersonations of other rappers like Pusha T before to hilarious effect, but this one is too funny.

A$AP Rocky recently did a hilarious impersonation of Tyler, The Creator during an interview on Tyler's Golf Media app before making a cameo in the video for T's "Freestyle 4" video. The two also freestyled off the dome together during a recent segment that's definitely worth hearing.

Tyler's been pretty busy doing cool shit like that. He was recently on Pharrell's OTHERtone Beats 1 show with Justin Timberlake, Chad Hugo, and Scott Veneer to talk about new JT music, the making of Justified and other random music nerd shit. Tyler's a huge Neptunes fan, so if you are too it's worth tuning in.

He's also back on tour after just getting off from a long stretch of shows with Rocky. He'll be on the road all summer, so check to see if he's coming to your city.

He killed a verse for the debut album from Domo Genesis on "Go (Gas)" and also shared a behind the scenes clip of how he made the "Fucking Young" video for you to watch. So in case you're wondering, Tyler's busy as hell this year. Maybe he'll add finding Frank Ocean to his to-do list soon.

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