Last month, Tyga was served with legal papers during an awkward encounter at his Liquid Gold sneaker launch in Hollywood. Now the origin of the legal matter has come to light. A California man is claiming T. Raww owes him over $100,000 in rent and other fees for a home in Calabasas the rapper stayed in five years ago, reports TMZ. According to the landlord's claims, the Young Money rapper rented the crib back in 2010 and quickly fell behind on the payments. The landlord got a judgment for $90,000 against the rapper. He claims Blac Chyna'a baby daddy never anted up the bread he owed. So the landlord took the matter to court, which resulted in the "you got served" incident.

According to the report, Tyga never showed up to the court date, so the rapper's council offered to pay the landlord's legal fees for the proceeding, which totaled $1,090. Tyga wrote the man a check that bounced when he tried to cash it. Needless to say, this unnamed landlord is pissed. He now wants the full judgment, plus interest - which now totals $124,000 - and he is threatening Tyg with an arrest warrant is he doesn't pay up.

Besides this issue, Tyga has matters of the heart on the brain. His relationships with Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna has been big news in the entertainment world for a while now. After months of speculation on whether they were dating, he recently got Jenner's name tattooed on his arm.

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