Kanye West just can't seem to settle on an album title. The world knows that his much-anticipated seventh LP is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Feb. 11). But beyond that, it's hard to know what the title will actually be. Yeezy has gone through four different album titles at this point, so it would not be shocking if he swerved everyone once again and changed it for a fifth time.

When the album was first announced, it was titled So Help Me God. By May 2015, it had become SWISH. That remained the title throughout that year before West switched it up again. Apparently the new year brought a new title as the rapper announced the title as being Waves. This was meant as a type of homage to Max B, although many onlookers did not see it as a rightful tribute to the incarcerated rapper.

However, 'Ye was not done though. During a scatterbrained rant on Twitter yesterday (Feb. 9) that saw Kanye do everything from apologize to Michael Jordan to claim that Bill Cosby is innocent, the G.O.O.D. Music boss flipped the script yet again. This time, West announced that the new title of his album is T.L.O.P. With a title that was simply initials, the speculation for what each letter meant began.

XXL decided to ask its readers on Twitter for their best guess as to what T.L.O.P. could stand for since no one knows. Twitter users provided some interesting answers with a mix of serious and comical speculation. Check out the best answers above.