This past February, notorious Death Row Records founder Suge Knight claimed that he still owned unreleased recordings from Tupac Shakur. We haven't heard much more about those tracks since, but according to Suge's son, Suge Knight Jr., they're on the way.

Speaking to the folks at Los Angeles' Real 92.3, Suge Jr. spoke on his New Death Row label, his Tupac Shakur-focused conversations with his now-incarcerated father, whether he believed 'Pac is still alive and unreleased tunes from the late rapper. For the latter, he offered up a simple answer.

"Correct," the younger Suge said after radio show hosts asked if there was still unreleased 'Pac music he was working on. Elsewhere, he reveals that, despite his earlier claims that Tupac is still alive and living in Malaysia, he doesn't actually believe the West Coast icon is still breathing.

Suge Knight's son doesn't offer up much else in the way of details regarding the new 'Pac music, but such a prospect is obviously welcome.

Since his death on Sept. 13, 1996, six posthumous solo 'Pac albums have been released. The last one, titled 'Pac's Life, hit stores in November 2006, seemingly concluding what at one point felt like a limitless stream of posthumous albums from the revered rapper. Maybe there's one more in store.

Check out what Suge Knight's son has to say about Tupac, his father and unreleased 'Pac music for yourself just below. The bit about unreleased Tupac music comes in at the 15-minute mark.

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