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Tru-Life Disses Dip Set @ The Roxy

Tru-Life went absolutely nuts on Cam'Ron, Jimmy Jones and Juelz Santana during The Puerto Rican Day Parade After-Party @ The Roxy this Sunday in NYC. The wild crazy puerto-rican brought up both of the Rucker incidents, dissed Capo's new style of dressing and called himself "The Bandana Smacker". Funkmaster Flex was on the wheels of steel and Jay-Z was in attendance. I don't know where they're going with this, but one things for sure...


Make sure you check put the play by play links as only the 80's Baby can provide. Enjoy!

"Stan'Ron we gonna tighten up your lose lips

He sold less records than Shaq and The Fu-Shnicks

Now He's Snitching On Records Damn He's A Bitch

Said "They threw the diamond up" before he got shot

This nigga wanna be 50 Wanna follow Pac

One shot for Dip Set taking over The Roc

Excuse me, Taking over at Koch

All that my ouy-yays on Broadway

My dominicans would put one in his face in Broad Day

Your boy Jim Jones, Yeah he's another snitch

Excuse me, Jenny Jones another bitch

Chill was a rat and that's who blooded you in

Now he's getting exposed from the hood to the pen

You heard Game, Blood Gang's L.A. Shit

You from Harlem, Why the fuck you on L.A. Dick?!

You wore Jheri Curls, tried to be Eazy

Certified Wanksta, made New York look Cheesy

Had a song called "Crunk Music" you ain't signed to BME

Lil' John don't rock with you nor Lil Scrappy

And your drink is called Sizzurp

Facts is facts biting ass niggas better gear up

Summer In Miami was hiding from Gangsta Lou

Wearing them tight pants that aint what the gangstas do

You saying Hov cant dress?

You wearing Motorcycle chains, muscle shirts and v-necks

You pink banging bunnies, gangsta rejects!

Goin stay Winters in Miami with Trey Songz

Cause when I see you we waving them tray longs

You had a song called you aint drunk

If you ask me it sounded like you was crunk
Bad Boy, Dip Set "We the hottest in the South"

if I was Jeezy I woulda punched you and Puff in the mouth!

You a bird and I guess all the birds fly south

dickrider Ima put this .45 in your mouth

You got shot at at the Rucker then you called me

Begging & Pleading to bring all the Ricans with heaters on me

Backed the riders off you out in L.A.

Now when they see you they putting holes through your Pelle

Rap here is full contact nigga you smell me

Juelz Santana mustn't heard what I said

I smack the Bandana off your fuckin head!

Gave him a Christmas pass he was with his nephew

Right there we could've left you

The Bandana Smacker aka The Banana Clapper

I'ma have you like "A!" when I point em at ya

Dissed you at the 'hamas, that nigga gave me dap

Yeah he pure pussy yeah he a puddy cat

Go on the radio and act like you aint know me

I'll put a check on your face like a pair of Ponys

Dip Set? Naw you mean Percocet

You little pill junkie niggas is a nervous wreck

No Anthrax here, just working techs

They so not New York, they movements fake
I'd be proud of him if he did the Harlem Shake

**Funkmaster Flex Crazily Scrams Chill**

The game is over, yeah nigga lights out

If you a rider? In his own hood get stomped out

If Cam's a blood, I guess he's a watch dog

because he aint do nothing but watch dog

Cocaine City, proof is in the pudding

Brooklyn niggas did you dirty, you softer than pudding!"

***Crowd Loses Mind***

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