Tru Life is home after serving a five-year bid for his involvement in the 2009 stabbing death of 20-year-old man Christopher Guerrero. While on his way back to New York City from the upstate Clinton Correctional Facility, Tru called into Power 105.1 and briefly chopped it up with DJ Prostyle. During the talk, the free rapper said he's already working on a documentary.

"I was sentencned to eight years for something I didn't do, but that's another story," he said. "I got a documentary getting ready to come out about my life. I'm dealing with a lot of different people right now, I'm in the middle of talks with HBO and different networks but it's definitely going to be on a major network. We actually filming right now as I'm talking to you."

Last summer, Clinton Correctional Facility was in the headlines after two inmates escaped from the maximum security penitentiary. The ensuing manhunt lasted nearly a month before the two men were caught. Tru Life said that after the escape, conditions for the prisoners got worse and he was unable to keep up with the music and technology that has been coming out.

"When you behind the wall, it's like living in slavery days, everything is wild old school....Everything is really bad over there right now. As far as technology and music, everyone is living in the Stone Age over there, so I couldn't really keep up."

The rapper also shouted out Jay Z and actor Ving Rhames, who he called a father-like figure in his life.

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