In life, accidents are bound to happen, especially when you're a rapper surrounded by a mass amount of stage equipment and other artists. Take Treach and Geto BoysBushwick Bill, for example, as the two took a somewhat hilarious tumble during a recent live show in Houston.

While Bushwick Bill was performing his verse for "Mind Playing Tricks On Me," the Naughty by Nature emcee decided to literally jump in, but instead trips and knocks into Bill, who in turn falls into the crowd followed by a collective "Ooooh." Luckily, neither took the accidental stage dive too serious, as the crew helps Bushwick Bill up and Treach jokingly yells, "You know I had to pay you back. You threw me off last time, you piece of shit. Bring him back up."

Naughty by Nature is currently on the I Love the 90's: The Party Continues tour alongside TLC, Biz Markie and Montell Jordan. The "O.P.P." rappers are also set to perform on the inaugural Ship-Hop Cruise, set to sail Jan. 11-15, 2018. The cruise, which will go from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, will see more hip-hop acts such as Salt-N-Pepa, Coolio and Vanilla Ice. For more information, go to

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