Tory Lanez doesn't seem fazed by "I'm Not Joyner," which is Don Q's vicious diss track aimed at the Toronto rapper. He indicated as much when he jumped onto his Instagram story and dismissed the Highbridge artist's gritty freestyle over Diddy's "Victory."

"Here in America. The champ is here! That's what you came with, nigga? Fuck outta here," Tory said on his Instagram story Sunday night (Jan. 27).

According to Tory himself, he'd just landed in the U.S. before he heard the diss record, which alleges that Lanez repurposed Q's rhymes for his 2017 Funkmaster Flex freestyle.

Naturally, Q didn't take long to fire back at Tory. In his own Instagram story, Don Q tells Tory that his response doesn't cut it. "@torylanez that's not ya body just rap boy," Q wrote. "U got Ny wit u tryna get dirt lmaoooo. he's PANICKING!! SUCK MY DICK @torylanez."

After claiming he's the best rapper in the world, Tory Lanez had a feeling the diss record was coming when Don Q tipped him off shortly before he uploaded "I'm Not Joyner" to YouTube. In a text message, Tory responded to the news of the record by urging him to drop it. "Go ahead and start it off. Friendly competition," Tory said. Hours later, Don Q came at Tory's neck with poisonous bars.

"This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex and started spitting just like me," Don Q raps. "Speak up if I'm lying/You told me you watched my freestyle hundreds of times/I guess that's why you sound like me in a couple of lines."

Watch Tory Lanez reaction to Don Q's diss track below.


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