Days after dropping a diss record, Toronto rapper Sizzlac was shot dead last weekend in the Malton neighborhood of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

According to The Mississauga News, the 29-year-old rapper, who was born Mustafa Omar, died early Saturday morning (April 23) after being shot multiple times at a townhouse complex. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead by doctors. Along with Omar, three other men were shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries. Shortly after the shooting, police officers said that it was too early to determine whether the shooting was gang-related, but homicide detectives were exploring the possibility.

Gang warfare has spilled into downtown Toronto and last week, two teenage boys were kidnapped following a gun fight at a downtown condo. According to the Toronto Sun, Toronto police say that the abduction took place after members of the Queens Drive Crips gang tried to crash a party hosted by the Young Buck Killas on April 19. Members of the Young Buck Killas were tipped off about the ambush and went looking for their adversaries and met them in a hallway where a shootout ensued. Police suspect there were as many as 12 handguns between the two factions involved. No one was seriously injured.

Following the shootout, two teenagers who were at the party were blamed by the Young Buck Killas for the attempted ambush and kidnapped, held for ransom, tied to chars and beaten.

"During their beating, they were forced to play Russian Roulette with a loaded handgun and forced to perform sexual acts," said Mike Earl, a member of the Toronto Police Service.

The boys were released on Sunday (April 24) after their families paid the ransom. Three men and another teenager have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping, but two suspects are still on the run, including 17-year-old Thai-Shay Gordon who is said to be the "ringleader" of the kidnapping.

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