10) DJ Drama & TI-Gangsta Grillz/Down Wit The King (2004)
Right on Tip's verge of superstardom we put this tape out to solidfy his excellence and to slighty tarnish Lil Flip's street cred. For the record, I aint got no beef with homie altho I did enjoy putting the tape together. Before Trap Or Die, this was what many people tell me was the first time they heard me. I knew it was gonna go far so I tried to show my ass...

9) DJ Clue- The Professional (Official Album) (1998?)
I mean what needs to be said? A mixtape dj goes platinum on one of the hottest labels out (Rocafella/Def Jam). That became a new point that WE ALL SHOULD WANT TO BE AT!!
8) Jadakiss feat DJ Green Lantern & DJ Big Mike- Champ Is Here (2004)
Alotta people say this tape was better than his album. Production was crisp. It also was a good setup for his album which alotta people do now with mixtapes. Lantern and Mike did a great job in showcasing Jada's personality along with his intense mic force.
7) 50 Cent & DJ Whoo Kid- 50 Cent is the Future (2002)
The tape that laid the groundwork for what was yet to come. Before 50 Cent all rappers used to just rap over beats and spit hot 16s. 50 cent came along and made his song on Your beat better than yours!!! HE CHANGED THE GAME. PERIOD. There was the mixtape game before 50 and the mixtape game after him. The demo was completely destroyed and along the birth of the mixtape mini album. Now maybe somebody did it before him, but obivously do they really matter?
6) DJ Whoo Kid- Smokin Day Part 2 (w/ 50 Cent & Snoop (2003)
Very big tape. Not just that it was basically all exclusvies including a 50 Cent and 2pac song but the real key was the marketing!!! Whoo kid had a full 8 page foldout including sneaker ads and all. He took mixtapes to a whole nother level with the marketing so fuck what yall say about dj skills. He turned mixtapes into an event and one that people will pay to advertise on. Whoo Kid is the shit
5) DJ Green Lantern- Best Of 2Way Thousand (Cornerstone) (2001)
Again, how can you just pick one green tape but this shit just literally blew my mind. When the motorolla 2 way pager was crazy, green lantern somehow found a way to incorporate the early 2way ringtones into his mix and help showcase the best songs of the year. Lantern may be my favortie mixtape dj honorable mention would have to go to to whole Invasion series.
4) DJ Clue-Back To School Part 2 (1994)
A classic clue tape. He got so many so its hard to just give him one. (Especially since he was the first to put mixtapes on CDs) Hate em or love em the game was never the same after clue put his stamp on it. This tape came before the mainstream/underground seperation so Clue had Biggie, Pac, Jeru, and Mary J/Pete Rock Remix on one tape!!! More than anything I used to ride the bus to high school to this everyday and was the first time I heard biggie and pac on a track together (eddie f and untouchables song)
3) DJ Doo Wop- 95 Live (1995)
Doo Wop was one of the early djs to have the top artists in the game to freestyle on his tape (from my era-dont want no old heads to get offended). The classic busta rhymes, "THERE'S ONLY 5 YEARS LEFT!!". I remember he had exclusive group home (supastar) and mobb deep (shook ones) when it was the hottest shit out.
2) DJ Drama & Young Jeezy-Gangsta Grillz/Trap Or Die (2005)
A very influential tape in the rap game and the mixtape game. Jeezy's carear skyrocketed, mine skyrocketed and the tape was certified street platinum. U couldn't go to no hood in any city and not here it....
1) DJ S&S- Old School Part 2 (1992)
This was the first mixtape I ever listened to and studied from top to bottom. I guess u could say I trained off this tape. It came out in 92 and was when a dj would cut, blend and rock the tape str8 thru.....no stoppin
Anyway, That was off the top of my head, no heavy research involved but I'm sure that's comin.
Oh yeah- If you in ATL or closeby, my bday party is april 20th at Club Visions. Its gonna be crazy. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Juelz , Young Buck and who knows who else is gonna pop up!!! Here's the flyer:
Yo Gotti
Young Dro
Nah, u can't get all that

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