Have the TIs officially grown tired of T.I.'s shit?

Sandra Rose has a post today in which Wacka Flocka's ignorant-ass mother, who used to manage Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj (she probably also brought back bedbugs), explains how the industry has turned its back on T.I., just because he got busted with a veritable cornucopia of the kind of drugs people used to take back when I used to work in the barbecue industry, a few weeks ago, when got pulled over making an illegal u-turn in his Maybach, which is not the kind of car you're supposed to drive yourself around in - especially when you're high. This, a mere matter of months after he got out of jail for trying to buy machine guns from one of his weed carriers (one of Philant Johnson's subpar replacements) in the parking lot of the BET Awards - his umpteenth felony offense, though he only got less than a year for it (hmm...), and the same week his movie Takers improbably topped the box office. I say improbably because it looked like it fucking sucks balls. But apparently there's a big audience for that sort of thing. The TIs who signed off on that 50 Cent deal might be on to something.

Here's Momma Flocka on how fast people started flipping on T.I.

“Now [that] T.I. done went to jail, he ain’t the man no more!,” said Antney, who was calling from her phone.

“Everybody out there been doing drugs! But once upon a time, everybody was riding his ass! He was everything! And now the man takes a fall, and look how fast everybody start flippin’. Look how fast people start flippin’. He was EVERYTHING!, she said emphatically.

I'm not sure what she meant by people flipping on T.I., but I do get a sense that he's not the man anymore. These past few weeks, I've been hearing a lot about the upcoming fall and winter album releases, including new albums from everyone from Nas and Ghostface Killah, to Nelly, to this album Kanye is supposedly doing with Jay-Z. It'd be easier to put together a list of people who aren't supposedly putting out albums this fall. But I haven't heard shit about a new T.I. album. I had to check the world's most accurate encyclopedia just now to make sure he didn't put one out earlier this year and it just flew completely under the radar. I know he's had a few songs that didn't exactly set the world on fire, since he was sprung from the pokey.

But you never can tell if a song didn't become successful because it sucks balls, or because the TIs didn't cut a check to whoever you have to cut a check to to make a song popular. Lupe Fiasco, before he slept with one of the older white women in charge over at Atlantic Records, recently complained that the TIs wouldn't help promote the singles from We Are Losers, because he refused to sign a 360 contract. That's why you never heard them on the radio. He had to pay for the videos out of his own pocket. Fortunately, a member of his al Qaeda cell works in the programming department over at MTV. Just kidding, I don't know for a fact that Lupe knows anyone from MTV from his al Qaeda cell. But I do believe there's some truth to the claim that getting a song played on the radio involves spreading a little money around. How else to explain so many songs on the radio that no one really likes, even on satellite radio, where you actually have to pay?

If the TIs wanted there to be a new T.I. album out, he'd have one out by now. The wiki says King Uncaged was set to be released in August, and then September, and now it doesn't even have a release date. It'll be out when it's out. Which I took to mean it's been done since at least September. Possibly longer - I remember reading, back when he completed his nominal sentence (to make sure there wasn't some sort of deal in place), that he recorded a veritable shedload of songs right when he got out. Like, enough to fill several albums. Maybe they weren't the best songs in the world, but neither are any of his other songs. That didn't seem to be an issue with this new Lil Wayne album, I Am Not a Human Being, or whatever it's called. Does Lil Wayne even know he has a new album out? You'd think he might feel weird about having an album called I Am Not a Human Being, while being locked in a cage like an animal. I know he's in solitary confinement now, so he can't check the Internets or anything. Maybe someone could stop by his cell and let him know that it's selling worse than the Wacka Flocka, which, thankfully, isn't selling very well itself. If only he'd been out to put the proper amount of work into it.