Bay Area legend Mac Dre was tragically murdered back in 2004 ending a promising career that was just taking off after the MC was released from prison. Though he died a decade ago, Dre’s music has lived on and the legacy he left in the Bay Area scene is unparalleled. During a recent interview with DMV based radio host and DJ, Peter Parker, actor Tray Chaney of HBO’s The Wire fame revealed that he is a producer on a “film about Mac Dre, his life, his music and how he affected the culture of hip-hop and some of the artists.”

Chaney, who will also play Dre’s friend Curtis “Kilo Curt” Nelson in the film, also said that four other cast members from The Wire will also appear but did not state who. Chaney also said that Dre's mother, Wanda Salvatto, is supporting the project. There is currently no release date for the film at this time. Watch the interview below. Peter Walsh

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