Kanye West's new album The Life of Pablo is not on the Billboard charts. Tidal is not reporting any streams of the album to Nielsen Music, resulting in The Life of Pablo's absence from this week's placements.

Silva Pietroluongo, Billboard's vice president of charts and data development, released a statement on the situation.

"Billboard has been informed that Tidal is not currently reporting streams for tracks on Kanye’s album to Nielsen Music," Pietroluongo said. "Therefore streams from Tidal for this title will not contribute to Billboard’s chart rankings at this time."

The bizarre rollout of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo has resulted in this rare blip on the charts. The enigmatic artist briefly had his album up for sale on his own website following a huge listening party and fashion show held at Madison Square Garden. The project would be taken down, confusing many fans attempting to buy the album. It would eventually be revealed that The Life of Pablo would only be available through streaming on Tidal.

Unless things change, Kanye West's new album may never appear on the Billboard charts. If The Life of Pablo never goes up for sale or Tidal continues to not report the streams of the album, the G.O.O.D. Music boss will lose out on a long running accomplishment. Each of the Chicago rapper's previous albums have landed in the top five of the Billboard charts. But if this situation remains the same, Kanye will have released his first album that did not crack the top five.

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