Rap beef is in a weird place in 2016. In the age of social media, today's rap beefs have been playing out in the public eye in a much different way. The Game and Meek Mill's recent rap beef is a perfect example of this. As the two rappers continue to take jabs at each other online as well as on wax, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons reportedly attempted to squash the drama. The music exec shared a promotional post on Instagram about his upcoming interview with Hot 97 in which he talked about his part in ending the feud.

"Happy to announce Game & Meek Mill have stoped posting and escalating their beef," said Simmons in his post.

Initially, The Game's manager, Wack 100, went off on Russell for commenting on the beef at all, telling the music mogul to "stay in his lane."

"Hey Russel stay in your muthafucking Lane you don't dictate or have a voice in Wtf we doing over here . When's the last time you reached down to sign a urban artist ? Whatever you and @meekmill is talking about during your Yoga sessions is y'all business !! We keeping it #West over here my nigga .... #WeAintSquashingShitRu @uncleRush," wrote Wack on the post of Russell's meditation book.

But clearly, after a conversation took place over the phone instead of over social media, Wack revised his IG caption to the effect of a different tune. Wack even insinuated that the beef with Meek and Game will probably burn out in due time.

"Just talked to Russel he informed me that he made no comments about squashing nothing those words never came out his mouth the media twisted what his intentions were. So with knowing that we stand where we stand. Hip Hop is hip hop let the music do the talking and all the other bullshit can stay in the darkness ..... We're waking up as men and functioning as men. For the record I've spoken to @Shabazztheog and @BeanieSigelsp several times and our conversations have been humble and respectful. @Nypsehussle @bigu1 @therealdjkayslay have been mediating conversations between myself and @meekmill and all signs have been pointing towards letting the fire burn out whenever it burns out... What will happen is this we will respect the opinion of @unclerush but we will only allow the powers that be in this Jungle to be involved in the politics of what is to be ..."

Check out Wack's revised Instagram post below.

Wack 100 The Game's manager

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