At President Barack Obama’s 50th Birthday celebration last week, daughters Malia and Sasha led the star-studded crowd through a tutorial of “the Dougie,” as Cali Swag District’s platinum-selling single, “Teach Me How to Dougie” played.

New York's Daily News reported that even Tom Hanks was doing the dance. caught up with Cali Swag member C-Smoove, to find out his thoughts on his song playing in the White House.

“I wanna see the footage,” said the rapper, who’ll be celebrating his 21st birthday in a few days, “I wanna see if Obama could really do the dance.”

“Nothing against anybody else,” he added, “but it's a Black President doing our dance. I mean that's dope.”

When asked about the single’s success since its debut last year, Smoove replied, “We felt like it was going to be something that we did just for people we knew, and for a couple clicks online, but, it [became] much more than that.”

The group’s debut album, The Kickback, is in stores now. —Ralph Bristout

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