And just like that, The Diplomats are back. Very recently, the glorious Harlem-based rap group cast aside their varied intersquad beefs and reunited for their new song, "Once Upon a Time," a soul-sample-laced Heatmakerz-produced track that evokes images of Dipset's heyday.

Only two members appear on the song. Jimmy sounds as confident as ever, and his bars are packed with images referencing the set's impact on rap culture. Killa Cam, meanwhile, shows he's as clever and dexterous with the pen as ever, stringing together tight rhyme schemes and shouting out a show-stopping name-drop.

"Who wants smoke, I have it looking like a hookah bar," Cam spits at one point of his verse. "Welcome back to the hallway loiterers/I made mills off the white girl, I exploited her/No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team (why)/That's the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein/On the set of Paid In Full, y'all gave him hell about it/Some foul shit happened once, Capo, tell 'em about it," Cam continues.

If you didn't peep, Cam makes a reference to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who's now been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women. While Cam doesn't get super specific, he does say Dame Dash slapped the Hollywood exec on the set of Paid in Full, a film in which Cam played the main role.  That bar comes directly after Cam says he and his team don't disrespect women. The implication is clear.

Speaking a bit on Weinstein some time ago, Dame didn't get into the specifics of the mogul's misdeeds, saying only that he'd been disrespectful on a regular basis. You can watch that video below "Once Upon a Time." You can cop the new Dipset track on iTunes. Listen to Cam's The Program mixtape when you're done with that.


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