Six years after the release of their last project, titled When Fish Ride BicyclesThe Cool Kids find themselves just under two weeks away from the release of their newest album, Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. The thing is, new music isn't the only dimension of the Chicago rap duo's comeback: They've also got a new YouTube comedy series called Shit Show, and they've just dropped the first episode.

The premiere episode is jam-packed with big time cameos, as everyone from A$AP Rocky to Tyler, The Creator to the duo's fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper pop up at one point or another. As far as what actually goes on in the show? It's about as eccentric as anything can possibly get, calling to mind images of Loiter Squad mixed with a sort of documentary style chronicling of a day in the life of Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks. It's something you have to see for yourself to understand, so we'll just advise you to peep it below.

The first episode of Shit Show is just the latest step toward The Cool Kids' artistic resurgence. The pair first tweeted out their plans to make a comeback last summer, and the totality of that comeback will come into play when Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe drops on Sept. 15. We can't wait.

For now, watch the first episode of Shit Show below. Chano shows up toward the very end of the video at the 9:35 mark. Rocky and Tyler show up at the 6:09 mark.

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