WDNG Crshrs, the dynamic rapping duo of TheCoolIsMac and Quentin Miller, are slowly but surely spreading their magic across the nation. After this year's A3C, they are ready to make a big jump. Mac and Quentin have released two mixtapes, UTDinfinity and CrshrsGotWings (produced by Taylor Gang’s infamous producer Cardo), they’re currently prepping their third project for Valentine’s Day of next year. Still inebriated with the taste of the L.A. lifestyle of glitz and glamour after working with Cardo, both members of WDNG Crshrs sat down with XXL. Find out about their past, present and seemingly bright future.Malik Turner

Names: TheCoolIsMac, Quentin Miller

Ages: 26

Hometown: Metro Atlanta Area

I grew up to listening to:

TheCoolIsMac: Kris Kross, number one. They were my favorite fucking group. That’s where I got my name Mac from, the Miggity Miggity Mac, ya dig. Two, ya boy was listening to OutKast, Goodie Mob, Xscape, Jagged Edge, Total, anybody from the A that was really putting on. JD and the whole So So Def, amazing.

Quentin Miller: Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Master P, Weird Al Yankovic, Seal, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, that kinda shit.

My style’s been compared to:

CIM: Wiz Khalifa for whatever reason. I think we dress totally different. I’ve also been told I look like Roger Federer because of the headbands I wear. I’ve also heard I look like Arthur Ashe. I’ve been told I dress like Rafael Nadal.

QM: Obviously, Drake. I don’t really know who my style is compared to other than Drake, 'cause I can’t seem to shake that Drake shadow.

Most people don’t know I:

CIM: Most people don’t know I play golf like a young Rory McElroy. I’m poised at golf, and I play with a 13 handicap. I’ve been working at a golf course since I was 15, a lot of y’all don’t even know that.

QM: Most people don’t know… that I know how to make some good ass scrambled eggs and cheese. [Laughs]

My standout records/moments to date have been:

CIM: I think the biggest shit for me solo, has been an Underground Grammy of course, and as a group it has been UTDinfinity, cause me and Quentin came together and made magic happen. We didn’t do it and plan to carry it on like this but this sh-t just ended [up] working out for itself and us. So that’s a pretty big deal. Big moments today have just been the Cali trips, man. L.A. shows a lot of love, they really respect the craft out there. As far as directors and shit like that, shoutout to Psycho Films they show love every time we down there. HitBoy, they show us crazy love when we come to L.A. So every trip to L.A. has been a big moment.

QM: Stuff I’ve done with WDNG CRSHRS, CRSHRSGotWings and UTDinfinity. And obviously, certain Drake songs.

My goal in hip-hop is:

CIM: To keep having fun! Just to keep having fun. You know, when it gets too serious, I might just bail out. Ya boy has a degree [from Georgia State University] and I’m not really too dependent on one thing. I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket. Quentin is an amazing writer. So we definitely don’t need to be in the rap game, we want to be here. We want to make people have fun, we want to show you fun. If I can’t have fun in hip-hop, I don’t want to be in hip-hop.

QM: To win Grammys and make a mark. Have God knowing that niggas know Quentin Miller. And Quentin Miller was an important piece of hip-hop, WDNG Crshrs are an important piece of hip-hop.

I’m gonna be the next:

CIM: [Laughs] The next player from Decatur, who puts on amazingly and gives back to the community. I’m gonna be the next to put a golf course in his hood, and make that shit pop. Like a real five star establishment, ya dig what I’m saying.

QM: I’m going to be the next Quentin Miller! I’m not going to be anybody else, because I’m not as cool as everybody else. But no one can be Quentin Miller better than me.

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Standouts: "WHTYOUBOUT"