Standout: "Church"

Also check out: "Good Weather"

And: "Till We Fall" ft. G-Scott

Name: The Proletarians, a duo which consists of J.O. (producer) and Jupiter Jim (emcee)

Age: We're both 20.

Where we’re from:
Jupiter Jim: Hammond, Indiana
J.O: Fort Wayne, Indiana

We've been rapping since:
Jupiter Jim: I have been rapping since I was ten years old. I started a group at church with some of my friends, and that helped me hone my skills.
J.O.:I have been producing since I was a sophomore in high school. I started out first playing the piano and other live instruments, which evolved into me producing. I was shown Fruity Loops from a friend and took it from there.

Our style has been compared to:
Jupiter Jim: People have compared me to a young Kanye West or Lupe in regards to their sound early in their careers.
J.O:A lot people say I have vintage Kanye West in my production with the high pitched and soulful samples I use as. I also get compared to Chiddy Bang a lot due to being in a duo. There ares also some comparisons to Just blaze as well with some of my sample choices.

Our standout records/moments to date have been: We had the chance to open for Cyhi The Prince which was a great learning experience. Fans also like our tracks “Sleepless Dreamers,” “Church,” and “The Adventure.”

We're going to change the game by: Changing the standard. I feel like that should be every rapper or producers goal which is to change the standard of how people approach the music. A lot of people get by on bad music. I think what makes Kanye special is that everytime he makes a track, he tries to change the standard of what good music is. We want to make music and change the standard of who gets posted and the quality of a product in regards to getting heard.

We’d like to work with: Lauryn Hill would be dope. Chance The Rapper would be cool, The Cool Kids would be awesome as well. Working with Schoolboy Q would be a challenge as well, but a lot of fun.

Our goal in hip-hop is:
Jupiter Jim: To last. I would rather be like a Ludacris and stay at certain respectable level in the game than be really hot for a moment and be gone in a couple months.
J.O.: To continue to raise the bar with my production and challenge myself and others.

We're going to be the next: Jupiter Jim and J.O.

To checkout more of our music: Follow us on Twitter @theproletarians

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