Deemed as the next big rap movement out of New York, The Five is aiming to go worldwide. Get to know this eclectic group representing every borough.

Standout: "Team 5"

Also check out: "All We Do Is"

And: "We Do That Here" Featuring King Louie

Names: Yung Stat (Staten Island), G Light (Brooklyn), Fasho (Queens), Ado Lane (Bronx) and Gwapo (Harlem)

Hometowns: New York City

We grew up listening to: Slick Rick, D.I.T.C., Dana Dane, Kool Moe D, Eric B & Rakim, Boogie Down Productions, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, 50 Cent and G-Unit, The Lox, Biggie, 2Pac, Jay Z, Twista, Common, Outkast, T.I., and everybody in that late '90s and 2000s era of hip hop.

Most people don't know we: Are all from different ethnic backgrounds. G Light is from Haiti. Fasho was born here, but his parents are Nigerian. Yung Stat is from Puerto Rico. Gwapo's parents are from Panama. Only Adolane is consider all-American. We are a true representation of what defines New York as a melting pot city. The 5 Boros movement is bigger than just the five borough of New York City. It's worldwide.

Our style's been compared to: No other group out there. We have been told that we don't sound like we're from New York. However, we are from New York City and can go as far as saying that we are a true New York group because we have a member from each borough in the group. What we have can be consider to be the "new" New York sound.

Our standout records and/or moments to date have been: "Team 5" which had the streets of New York going so crazy that it hit radio station HOT 97, Power 105, and Sirus XM Shade 45. "All We Do Is" is our most recent single that has been catching fire in Atlanta clubs and playing on their radio stations. We also have a record "Do That Here" featuring King L that local DJs have begun to play in the clubs also. Because of our buzz in Atlanta, we were recently worked with Gucci and recorded a record titled "U Ain't Never." We will also be in the studio with Lil Scrappy, and working along side super producer M16.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: Is to become the No. 1 rap group in the world and bring a new sound to New York Hip Hop that is universal.

We are gonna be the next: Super rap group and movement in hip hop.

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twitter @The5NYC

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