Photo By: David Anthony Geary

Seizing the opportunity to work with Chance The Rapper on Acid Rap, Chicago’s Noname Gypsy stock continued to rise ever since. Now, in preparation of her debut Telefone, the 22-year-old rapper is determined to be an important voice for hip-hop.

Standout: "Paradise" Featuring Queen SheCago

Also check out: "Hold Me" Featuring Kiara Lanier

And: "Lost"

Name: Noname Gypsy

Age: 22

Hometown: Chicago, IL

I grew up listening to: Muddy Waters, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Tina Turner.

Most people don't know I: I am really interested in film and went to Columbia College for a while to study the form.

My style's been compared to: Musically, I’ve been compared to MC Lyte. I think my style in general is also a throwback to that era.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: Many people would agree that featuring on Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap was a dope opportunity and I have to be honest and say that having the opportunity to work with artists whose music I admire, including Chance, is what I enjoy most about making art. I think my standout moment is yet to come, I’m dropping my first full project early next year, called Telefone, and I’m excited about the people I’m collaborating with in that process.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To heal and inspire.

I'm gonna be the next: Important voice for young women in hip hop. Artist that helps push the culture forward. Rapper who writes something that changes somebody. Or something like that.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@NonameGypsy), Facebook and SoundCloud.