Termanology and Saigon have a message for both the police and their own communities in their new video for the Q-Tip-produced "We're Both Wrong." The new visual, which features audio and footage from  the late Sandra Bland's fateful encounter with an overzealous police officer and clips of police brutality, was helmed by Myster DL for Ill Mannered Films.

The song itself finds the "I Dream B.I.G." rapper and Saigon calling out police for using unnecessary violence while also telling folks in the inner city--where both hail from--they can do a better job "fighting the power." Saigon does so by spitting about how his people should start fighting back instead of sitting by doing nothing. The former Entourage actor shows he can still string together impressive rhyme schemes while tackling serious issues in the process.

"How could we have respect for you?/Look what we subjected to/Supposed to serve and protect/You acting all unprofessional/Restraining a man is not grabbing him by his testicles," Saigon raps in the first part of his verse. Next up is Boston wordsmith, Termanology, who turns the microscope on himself and others as he explains the need to do more meaningful things with his paper.

"Do we want knowledge? And bread for our toddlers?/Saved in accounts or more belts and wallets/And me/I'm part of the problem, purchasing gucci products/Before, I put away that money for my daughters college," the "Top Shotta" spitter raps on the song. You can peep the new video below.

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