Tech N9ne revisits The Storm album to provide some visuals for his song “Get Off Me” featuring Problem and Darrein Safron. Tech and company look dapper in the new video, which sees the Kansas City MC unleashing some potent rhymes.

“Whoever said Tech Nina ain't the shizzy is a busta deluxe with cheese/My foot is ready to touch ya and scuff the 3's/You couldn't move 'em with a Mustard beat plus with Yeez/Cause you'sa sorry mother-sucker, I'll buck ya then puff the trees/I'm for real/Do I kill it, certainly so/Your lady say she don't 'member ever squirting before/Till she had this player in the middle of the west, a flirting negro/I'll knock her way down the coach for her burking ego,” Tech raps.

The Storm’s release was just one of the big moments for Tech in 2016. The veteran rapper also earned two gold record, which caught him by surprise.

“I didn’t expect to see those two gold records come in to me like that, back to back,” he told XXL. “It just came out of nowhere, it came out of nowhere. We just do the work, I’m like okay, maybe it sold 100,000, 200,000 or something like that. So it got to 500,000 and I didn’t expect it. I was so happy. It let me know that I still have time in this, being my age, even though I feel like a youngster, I’m not. Maybe young in the music, maybe I’m young in the mind, maybe that’s they still want to hear me, I don’t know. To know that your new material is reaching so many people.”

Tech is not slowing down as he’s got a new project due out on next month. The Strange Music founder will release Dominion, the seventh edition of his Collabos series, on April 7. Pre-order the album now on iTunes and check out the “Get Off Me” video below.

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