Manu Ginobli has been playing in the NBA for 17 years now, so hitting a jumpshot with your left hand up like the Argentinian shooting guard naturally takes hours upon hours of practice. It's important then, when emulating Ginobli or listening to Drake and Future's "Jumpman," which so effectively references the Spurs great, to know oneself's physical and athletic limitations.

Supporting this sound piece of advice is a new Beats 1 Radio commercial in which Taylor Swift, in an effort to make cardio a bit more appealing, listens to "Jumpman" while running on the treadmill. Swift raps the lyrics on time and exhibits some unruly rap hands throughout, but eats it pretty hard just as Drake hits that Ginobli like woo. To her credit, Swift keeps rapping even after the spill, with the words "Distractingly good" replacing her crumpled form lifting itself off the gymnasium floor. The minute-long ad is plenty funny, and adds to Swift's growing connections to the rap world.

Aside from the numerous he said, she said stories surrounding Kanye West's Swift-referencing opening lyric on "Famous," the singer has been on stage with Nelly, Nicki Minaj and Fetty Wap in recent months. In a tweet published early Friday morning, Swift says that the commercial is "based on true events" with a gif of the moment of impact naturally already out.

Watch the Beats 1 ad, titled "Taylor vs. Treadmill" up top as well as in Swift's tweet below, and be thankful that such advertising joy can be made available for early Friday consumption.

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