Despite a 10-year gap since their last release (2000’s Train of Thought), Reflection Eternal’s influence remains. Last year, rap trio Tanya Morgan—which consists of Brooklyn MC/producer Von Pea and Cincinnati natives Don Wil and Ilyas—decided to name their latest album Brooklynati, a term originally coined by Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek.

During a recent interview with, Talib shared his thoughts on the rap rookies’ similar roots. “Big ups to Tanya Morgan,” he began. “Them working together and even naming their album Brooklynati not only enhances the whole gamut of hip-hop and adds to it but it shines light on what [me and Hi-Tek] created.” [Watch below]

Open to the idea of working with the up-and-comers down the line, Talib continued, “I look at that album title as not just their album title but a tribute to what me and Hi-Tek brought to the game because wasn’t nobody even thinking like that before we did it.”

With Reflection Eternal’s long-awaited sophomore album, Revolutions Per Minute, set for release this spring, Talib is eager to reconnect with fans and deliver quality music back to the game. At the same time, Talib recognizes that a lot has changed since he and Hi-Tek started the Brooklynati movement.

“The way [Tanya Morgan] has come into the game is testament to how different it is,” he said. “Just being involved in OkayPlayer and like developing they online through a grassroots campaign to whereas you’re forced to take them seriously, that’s not how I came into the game. I’ve always had online presence and my fan base has been online but I didn’t always participate in that until more recently.” —Anslem Samuel

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