Joe Budden and his model ex-girlfriend, Tahiry, have had a troubled relationship over the years. The former Love & Hip Hop stars have feuded in public in the past with Joe Budden recently taking to Instagram in a video to mock his sad feelings over the breakup.

Responding to Budden's video, Tahiry posted a meme on Instagram making fun of the rapper's dramatics. On Sunday night, she posted a photo with a caption, "That Moment N*ggas Realise What they Had" to the social media site.

Tahiry also made a recent appearance at Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip Hop improv show last Friday where she shared a story of punching a woman in the face fo texting naked photos to her ex-boyfriend Budden.

You can see her Instgram photo above. Watch video of Tahiry's appearance at Cipha Sounds' Take It Personal improv show below.

[Via VladTV]

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