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Vanilla Ice Arrested for Burglary
Rapper and reality television star Vanilla Ice was arrested this morning (Feb. 18) and charged with burglary and grand theft in connection to an incident that occurred in January of this year, according to a report in Variety. Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, was taken into custody in Lantana, Fla.…
8 Rappers With Bad Haircuts
Have you ever seen your favorite rapper rocking a haircut that just wasn't anywhere near fly? We all have. Check out "8 Rappers With Bad Haircuts."
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Rappers Cry Too
15 Rappers On Their Most Embarrassing Public Moments
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18 Of The Worst Rapper Mugshots
There are a few rapper mugshots out there that are just really bad. Whether intoxicated, smiling, beat up or just pissed off; several rappers go down in history for the worst mugshots ever taken. Check out  "18 Of The Worst Rapper Mugshots ...
Arsenio Hall Reflects On Classic Vanilla Ice Interview
In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Arsenio Hall recalls his classic interview with Vanilla Ice. As Ice was just breaking onto the scene at the time, many deemed Hall's reception of one of the pioneer white rappers as harsh and many even believed that the iconic talk show host was making fun of…
7 Corny Commercials Featuring Rappers
With Vanilla Ice now starring alongside the Ninja Turtles in Kraft Macoroni & Cheese's new commercial, it sparked memory of the many other corny advertisements that have come about in hip-hop over the years.
From Memphis Bleek's Garnier Fructis fail to Master P's odd ad with S…
Vanilla Ice Is Performing With Ninja Turtles Again
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Y'all remember when Vanilla Ice showed up in the second Ninja Turtles movie and performed "Ninja Rap" in the club while the turtles got into a brawl with some type of mutant and everyone got so sucked into Ice's per…

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