Clams Casino

Listen to Danny Brown and Clams Casino, “Worth It”
Danny Brown has been remarkably quiet since he dropped Old in 2013. Finally able to make his opus after breaking through with XXX, Old pitted raucous house parties and hotel room binges against their inevitable hangovers. By flipping the order of his party cycle, he wove this sort of effect-and-caus…
Stream Vince Staples’ New Album
Vince Staples is unflinching. The 2015 XXL Freshman has made a name for himself off the strength of dead-eyed mixtape turns and last year's grim, swaggering EP, Hell Can Wait. Now, with a grip of beats from DJ Dahi, Clams Casino and his de facto boss, No I...
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Clams Casino’s Best Beats To Date
When Clams Casino first arrived on the scene a few years back, his production style was like a breath of fresh beats. He combined trippy electronic samples (shout out to Björk), and created a new sound. Some call it Cloud Rap, while others don’t know what exactly Cloud Rap is (o…

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