Angel Haze

20 Weird Hip-Hop Videos That Will Freak You Out
Here at XXL, we've compiled a solid list of strange rap videos you've got to see. From creepy and brutal, to just plain outrageous, these videos go against the grain. So sit back, relax and enjoy a hip-hop ride that's anything but ordinary.
Listen to Angel Haze, “Babe Ruthless”
Angel Haze's Back To The Woods mixtape is scheduled for Sept.14 and to give us an idea of what's to come, Haze drops "Babe Ruthless." The track finds at her most aggressive and the former XXL Freshman sounds war ready. Following up on her "Imp…
Listen to Angel Haze, “Impossible”
Angel Haze says nothing can bring her down on her new song, "Impossible."
"Sorry I'm crazy, but I opened by third eye and the view is amazing," raps Haze on the new track. The Detroit native has done some self reflecting, and she's come to the conclusion …
Happy Birthday, Angel Haze!
Today, July 10, is the birthday of Detroit MC Angel Haze.
The controversial 2013 XXL Freshman has created quite a following with her deep-rooted personal lyrics and broken past. The new global ambassador for Arms Around A Child, continues to break boundaries with her music and fight for equal r…

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