T-Pain was a guest on Sunday (Nov. 15) episode of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. The show's host, Andy Cohen, was fielding calls from viewers, when one fan asked the Autotune pioneer to name the "biggest asshole" he ever worked with. Pain didn't want to call anyone out, but he figured the most fitting answer would be Puff Daddy himself. "I wouldn't say pain in the ass," Pain started, "but, Diddy was the most...what he called 'motivating.'" the singer said, before admitting that it was "a little discouraging." According to Pain, the "Finna Get Loose" songster was "difficult to work with" during a four-day session. Regardless of the criticism that came from Puff, the "I'm in Love with a Stripper" singer says the Bad Boy leader pushed him to improve his craft by pulling him out of his comfort zone. As for the two working together again, that chance appears to be slim. On the flip side, the Pain said he enjoyed working with Britney Spears and would love to work with Mariah Carey once again.

During the live episode, Pain also talked about the use of Autotune in today's world of hip-hop. Andy asked how people criticizing the singer's use of the tool made him feel. Pain shared that it was annoying at first, but he didn't sweat it once the checks started rolling in. The Tallahassee native says that he created the "T-Pain Effect" to make fans sound like him, which is apparently what "people ask for." He even has his own toy microphone for children. Check out the clips here.