T.I.'s Hustle Gang is gearing up to drop their new album, We Want Smoke, this summer so it seems fitting that they share a new track off the project. Tip and newcomers RaRa and Brandon Rossi team up for "Game 7," the first official single.

If you're looking to pump up your crew, this banger is required listening. Showing off his veteran skills, Tip spits his verses double-time over the laid-back beat.

"Forever my lady in a new Mercedes/Kickin' shit I learned from hustlers in the '80s/Integrated pimpin' made it prison datin/Broader than the day, turn it up a notch/Burn a couple zip, pop a couple pills/Pour a pint of lean, take a couple shots/Stick with me, we'll be headed to the top," rhymes T.I.

Roc Nation's Rossi holds down the hook about constant winning with lines like, "I like to wake up with a W/I like to flex with a W/I'm at the top of the W/Walk out that bitch with a W."

"Ballin' like LeBron/Bitch you know I'm pimpin'/These little bitches gone/And you know we scoring/Post up on your hoe and lay up/Numbers on the board way up," raps Rossi to finish off the chorus.

The last time XXL chopped it up with the "Trouble Man" back in May, he spoke about his excitement for Hustle Gang's new talents and why 2017 is the perfect time to drop another project.

"We had to reassemble and restructure ourselves as a unit. You know, we had to make several adjustments within the executive staff as well as the artist roster and now we feel confident in the collection of artists we have right now. We’re incredibly proud to present this new crop of artists," said T.I.

Stream "Game 7" via Apple Music now and keep an ear out for Hustle Gang's We Want Smoke, slated for release sometime this summer.

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