According to TMZ, T.I. squashed all rumors relating him to a well known groupie. Alexis Lacey, better known as Lexxy, posted an Instagram picture of herself with the Atlanta rapper in his home last weekend and surprise, surprise, his wife Tiny was no where in sight.  Social media went crazy over the picture and rumors soon began to circulate.

T.I., who's been having open marital issues with Tiny, told TMZ he didn't lay a hand on that woman in question, it was his first time meeting her that day, and he hasn't seen her since. Lexxy also denied the rumors, stating she went to his house with a friend and nothing happened.

Although both parties strongly deny the rumors, Lexxy knew exactly what she was doing when adding a caption to her Instagram picture, insinuating more was happening than what was actually taking place. Under the photo, Lexxy claimed the rapper cooked for her while spending Mother's Day at his house.

Besides rapping and acting, T.I. has built quite a reputation about being a family man. He openly displays his affection towards his kids on his show and social networks on a regular basis. While pictures continue to draw confusion on the current status of T.I. and Tiny, the "good guy" role continues to follow him.