As if designing Aston Martin cars, painting and collecting fine art and partnering on a new sneaker line with Reebok wasn’t enough, Swizz Beatz continues to expand his horizons.

The superproducer was recently in South Korea, where he announced his ambition to help bring Korean pop artists or K-Pop artists to the United States.

“I found that Korean Pop Music is a new expression and the world is open to new things,” Swizzy announced during a press conference in South Korea. “And I think that right now K-Pop in Korea is leading in that area. I would love to be that one to introduce it to the West.

“The biggest thing about K-Pop is how much it's elevated to the next level,” he continued. “Geniuses like Kanye West and others that are smart enough to work with K-Pop groups understand that music is universal. I believe in leadership and setting the pace. I like to be the first.”

While K-Pop groups like the Wonder Girls and Girls Generation have already begun crossing over into America, Swizzy hopes that he can help usher in more Korean acts.

Last summer, Swizzy expressed the feeling that working with Reebok puts him in elite company.

“I want y’all to understand the movement and opportunity that we all have,” he said during a Reebok party in midtown Manhattan, New York. “Reebok is definitely back. I am happy to be the creative director globally that puts me up there with the Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfelds. To have that position coming from the South Bronx…I tell everyone that the sky is not the limit, it’s just the view." —Jakinder Singh