A few weeks back, Swizz Beatz posted a video to Instagram from inside the studio previewing a new Busta Rhymes track, which would later turn out to be "AAAHHHH!!!" The video seemed to indicate then that Busta was back in the lab. Now he's proving that theory further on Instagram again, where Swizz shared a number of new tracks, saying repeatedly, "The album crazy, I promise you."

Most of the Instagram clips, released Thursday night (Dec. 22), show Swizz rapping, opening one song with the line, "To all my school teachers that I said I wouldn’t make it/you probably looking at my life in the crib getting faded."

He tags the rappers' featured on the album, including Young Thug, French Montana, 2 Chainz and his longtime collaborator and Ruff Ryders partner DMX, in each post.

Swizz last released an album, One Man Band Man, in 2007, though he has supplied production to a variety of artists since, most recently to his wife Alicia Keys, who has four Swizzy-produced tracks on her new album Here.

The rapper captions more than one video with "Zoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," though it's unclear whether that's a tip-off on a potential album title, or just a reflection of his state at the time. Either way, this new batch of records sound tough, and Swizz looks charged up to be sharing them.

Catch the many previews and snippets starting above and continuing below, with the new album dropping next year.

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