The best in-studio previews do more than simply tease a track, they offer insight into the process, allowing fans to see the excitement artist's feel for any given track. That happens to be just the case with a recent Instagram video posted by Swizz Beatz in which he lets the opening portions of a new Busta Rhymes song loose. "Now I’m gonna show the world a song that y’all aint supposed to hear cause he wanna fuckin play crazy," Swizz says at the beginning.

It would appear that both Swizz and Busta are sipping straight from the bottle of what looks like tequilla, Don Julio perhaps, which would explain their playful banter, Swizz saying, "Stop it, stop it. What are you doing here?" when Busta enters the room. The producer then announces his intentions of releasing the song on Friday, or tomorrow. There's a real camaraderie present, each looking genuinely enthused to be sharing the new music.

For Busta, the new A Tribe Called Quest album  We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Servicemarked a return of sorts, or rather, demonstrated the way in which Busta is forever woven into the hip-hop tapestry. “You already know the script, roundhouse kick/She lookin’ at me, lickin’ her lip/Put my arm around her like a bowl of chip with the dip," he rapped on "Mobius." Around this time last year, it was reported that Bussa Buss was planning to drop a new album, a new mixtape, The Abstract Went on Vacation released around Christmas. What he and Swizz have in store remains to be seen, though the above sneak peak suggests some fire-breathing chemistry.

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