Suge Knight was a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show and touched based on a wide variety of topics, including explaining his alleged altercation at a marijuana dispensary.

According to Knight, the security guard at the dispensary rubbed him off the wrong way after sarcastically saying his name was "Zimmerman." The conversation between the two then lead to a bit of an altercation after the store's employee proceeded to threaten Suge.

In addition, the Death Row Records CEO also discussed what inspired him to start the label that dominated the 90s, and spoke out against the music industry's shady business tactics. Suge then accused Interscope of taking advantage of modern-day Compton heroes, Kendrick Lamar and Game. In support of the two local lyricists, Knight even went as far as to compare both their deals to slavery, considering how many people get pay cuts prior to the rappers receiving their profits.

Stream clips of the mogul's sit down with Arsenio below, and let us know where you think his latest comments rank in his craziest moments.