The 1998 Grammy Awards has become the stuff of hip-hop legend after Ol' Dirty Bastard infamously stormed the stage when the Wu-Tang Clan was overlooked for the Best Rap Album award. Now, one of ODB's peers reveals new details about the incident.

In a recent interview with Forbez DVD, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx revealed that he actually gave Dirt McGirt the idea to bum rush the stage that evening. Sticky recalled that he told ODB of his plan to take over the stage to promote Onyx's new album—however, the Wu-Tang MC beat him to the punch when the Clan didn't win Best Rap Album.

"I'm like, 'Yo, I'm going to go shut this shit down,'" he recalled. "I ain't even have tickets to the Grammys...we just walked through security, talking to each other like we supposed to be here...I said [to ODB], 'Yo, I'm about to go shut this shit down, basically go onstage and promote the motherfuckin' album.' I went to the bathroom, and I told the nigga my plan, he's like, alright! Along the way, I stopped to talk about a mothafuckin' bitch...I walk into the auditorium, open the door, and who the fuck do I see onstage? ODB. I'm like, 'This mothafucker stole my shit and did it without me?'"

Sticky added that there were no hard feelings about it, saying, "It's all good; it's still gangsta. But that's my family—Wu-Tang, Onyx. That shit's like brothers from other mothers and shit."

Sticky made previous mention of the incident in the remix to "Shut 'Em Down," rapping, "I'm the one who told Ol' Dirty to Shut down the Grammys."

Check out the full interview below.