Eminem has apologized to one of Hugh Hefner’s ball ticklers after a practical joke turned ugly at a recent video shoot for “Smack That Ass”, his new collaboration with Akon.

According to Kendra Wilkinson the video shoot started off smoothly until she was called on to do a scene with Slim Shady.

After exiting his trailer, Eminem is said to have doused Kendra Wilkinson with water before flipping out on her. Oblivious to the prank, Wilkinson felt disrespect and started to hurl insults at Slim Shady. A spokesperson for Eminem says that he felt bad about the joke gone bad and sent flowers over to the Playboy Mansion as a form of an apology. The damage is however already done since the blonde bunny will only do rap videos for artists like Three 6 Mafia, Too Short, Bow Wow, or Nelly. I don’t know how the game will carry on without her presence.

This whole incident is a little backwards to me. I thought that the girls are supposed to start off in videos and then work their way up to Playboy. Hell, it worked for Vida Guerra.

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