I don’t read Gyant’s blog or anything, so I’m not sure what exactly incited Soulja Boy Tellem’s ire. However, I could imagine taking time from a busy day of rich nigga shit to engage a blogger that sucks and needs to be fired—as SB says—is not conducive to turning swag on.

So, we’re goin after bloggers now?  What’s the matter, SOHH-lja? Not enough niggas Bird Walkin it out? I tried to help the cause. I did the new dance on 125th Street when Obama won, but nobody really latched on. My pigeon bopped alone, so I cranked a different slave dance down to the Popeye’s on St. Nick [that for one night I wished were still a Bojangles].

Listening to SB get after Big Lloyd like that I couldn't help but think, "Ain’t there some Simmons children out there you could be beefin with or some shit?"

“You [Gyant] said ‘Soulja Boy does not deserve his fame because…’ something, something, something. I don’t remember, but I deserve everything I got because I grind to get it… This ain’t no overnight success… I been doing this for like a good year of straight grinding and hard work. Just because I’m young or 18 years old doesn’t mean I don’t deserve it.” -Soulja Boy Tellem, SOHH.com via WSHH

The quote is reminiscent of a line I once heard from a white Oklahoman rapper who couldn’t have been on earth longer than 15 years. Homeboy said, “I been smokin’ for two yeeeears./ Y’all just little kids.”

The line changed my life forever. Needless to say, the youngster got the Toure face.

[Blogger’s Note: You kinda had to be there. His crew’s set was quite entertaining. Later in the set, the crew’s elder statesman--another white kid who looked about 20--delivered the most magical line of all. “Fuck college. I’m ballin.”]

In music industry time a measly year of "grinding" is considered overnight success. The hip-hop record industry is really just a cavalcade of old-ass niggas forced to spend a decade in publishing purgatory before even getting to the threshold of relative success (i.e.: making a decent living from their creative endeavors).

[Blogger’s Note: 99.9+% of these niggas ain’t shit. And most of these niggas suck dick.]

As you all know, responding to media that doesn’t give a favorable review is petty, juvenile and ignorant. With that said--calling out Soujla Boy for being petty, juvenile and ignorant is akin to calling out my balls for being salty after I’d ran a full court.

As far as Soulja Boy (and any other bum-ass rapper) goes, the only thing I won’t knock is the hustle. So long as the damn blogger is keeping your Bapesters glossy by mentioning your name, what really is there to complain about?

“Y’all need to fire this dude, because his stories is bullshit. They ain’t got no color-by-number or nothin'. They don’t even always got puckchures [pictures]. How a nigga gone read a story with no puckchures?”

Thank god you’re not still in Africa, where theyn't got no blogs or ice or tattoos and shit. The chief [recognized by bone permeating septum] would just kill and eat you if he didn’t like your song and dance.

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